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“Many people have told me that it is more embarrassing to be naked when most of those around you are fully dressed, but is it even more embarrassing when those people are the opposite gender?”

I definitely think so, especially assuming that everyone in this scenario is heterosexual. I suppose for a homosexual it might be more embarrassing to be naked among the same sex, but in either case I think that being naked in front of the sex that you find attractive or that you are attracted to makes it so much more embarrassing because the situation is sexualized.

I know there are some who say that they can be naked without it necessarily feeling sexual, but I do not feel that I am one of them. If I was naked and the women were dressed, particularly if they were women that I was attracted to, I feel it would create a gendered sexualized power dynamic with them firmly in control and that would just be incredibly embarrassing. The also embarrassing thing is that I would find the humiliation of the situation exciting which would probably make me aroused and give me an erection, which would double the humiliation and embarrassment!

In a situation where I was naked with other dressed men that would of course be awkward and uncomfortable but most of the men seeing me probably wouldn’t be turned on by it or maybe actually repulsed by it. In the situation with women they’d thinking, naked guy! So the woman would be in a situation where they are in a position of power because they are getting to stay dressed while getting to sexually objectify a guy. Meanwhile my embarrassment and humiliation of the situation would also be sending off the signal that I am getting aroused by the situation which, would again increase their power. So it’s not so much the nakedness I think, but the fact that there is a sexual element to it, like you are putting on a strip show. It is kind of a weird even if it is a nice feeling to be knowing that you are turning someone on sexually when they hold all of the power over you.

Still I would rather be naked around women because it least that would be exciting for me where is the other situation would just be awkward. Plus I think that women tend to have a better sense of humor about a situation like that, where men are more likely to be cruel about it. I think the women would probably find it a more playful situation and would probably be having a good laugh about it.

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