4 thoughts on “Naked People

  1. This gives the impression of being potentially interesting, but the inclusion of non-English interviews (German perhaps, but I could be wrong) with no English subtitles, and no non-English subtitles for the English interviews, robs it of half its content for anybody that is not multilingual.

  2. It is definitely German (I’m German native speaker). If it helps I can create a transcript of that video with translation of the German-speaking parts. Just write me if you like me to do that.

  3. I agree that this is a very interesting film – at least that which was presented in English. I assume that the German speaking women were presenting similar themes about taking control of how they present themselves. I liked that fact that one went to the extent of photographing herself, presenting herself as she wanted to be seen.

    Isn’t that something we would all like. To live without fear of what others might think and present ourselves as we are?

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