Vote Off Their Clothes – Final Result

It took 10 rounds to get that but we finally have our winners!

Martin holding his undiesMartin is a 52-year-old accountant from Berkshire.
WINNER!Alstaf full frontalAlstaf is a 35-year-old lab technician from Spain.
Chris covering with his handsChris is a 54-year-old administrator from Essex.
WINNER!Alex full frontalAlex is a 27-year-old handy man from the UK.
Sangroid5k covering with handsLuc is a 49-year-old shepherd from New Orleans.

If you want to appear here,
you'll have to wait for the next event. Sorry!

This time Alstaf and Alex both lost all their clothes. I wonder how they feel about everyone seeing them stripped completely naked like that?

Another event coming soon!