Become a Community Supporter

Sites cost money to run and the NakedExperiment community is no exception. We display advertising banners at the top of the site in an attempt to cover these costs but this only goes a small way to recoup our costs. Some members of this community have offered donations to help but we are not a charity and don’t wish to operate like one. Instead, we are offering the opportunity for community members to become Community Supporters.

Supporters get the following benefits:

  • No banner adverts.
  • Access to Supports Only forums
  • Access to Experiences (Naked Experiments, Strip Games etc.) Application Form.
  • Supporter’s Badge on your profile
  • More features to come.

Rather than have a dedicated purchase system which would appear on your bank or credit card statement, we use Ko-Fi which works as a donation from your PayPal account. Each Ko-Fi (pronounced “coffee”!) costs you £3. All you have to do is send us TWO KO-FIs (£6 in total – around $8) and we’ll set you up with 6 months of Supporter Status within 24 hours*. Buy 3, 4, 5 or more ko-fis and we’ll set up 9, 12, 15 or more months of Supporter Status accordingly.

Please remember to put your Username in the message box


*Supporter Status is usually applied within 24 hours, but please allow 48 hours due to workload variations, holidays and time-zone differences.

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