Become a Community Supporter

Sites cost money to run and the NakedExperiment community is no exception. We used to display advertising banners across the top of the site in an attempt to cover these costs but that never came close to breaking even. Some members of this community have offered donations to help but we are not a charity and don’t wish to operate like one. Instead, we are offering the opportunity for community members to become Community Supporters.

Our valued Community Supporters get the following benefits:

  • Access to the Supporters-only posts in the blog, including many embedded naked videos, photo galleries and more.
  • Downloadable “Inspiration” videos that inspired this entire concept.
  • Other miscellaneous downloadable videos and photos on our experimenting-with-nudity theme.
  • More features to come.


Community Supporter status costs £3.50 per month via our Patreon page.