Vote-Off Participation Instructions




Taking part in this challenge is easy. Just read this page in its entirety and e-mail us the photos described below. Please ensure you read the whole page (It’s important)!

Your submitted photos should be at least 1280 pixels along the longest edge
JPG is the preferred video format. You may wear a mask if you wish to hide your face.


To enter, you must send photos of yourself to the e-mail address specified below. Please read to the end of this page and the voting instructions, before sending your photos.



  1. Verification
    Full head-to-toe photo of you holding up a piece of paper/card with “NakedExperiment 2024” written upon it. (This photo will not be published).
  2. Starting Out
    Full head-to-toe photo of yourself, facing the camera wearing a top and trousers/jeans or similar.
  3. Top Off
    The same as photo 2 but wearing nothing above the waist.
  4. Undies Only
    Full head-to-photo of yourself wearing nothing but underwear (boxers/briefs/Y-fronts etc).
  5. Covering with Hands
    Full head-to-toe photo of you wearing NOTHING but comprehensively covering your private parts with your hands.
  6. Rear View
    Full head-to-toe photo of you wearing nothing, facing AWAY from the camera. This one will work better if you look over your shoulder back towards the camera.
  7. Full Frontal Time
    Full head-to-toe photo of you wearing nothing, facing towards the camera and not covering up, at all.


Please be aware of the light level. Low light causes grainy, blurry photos. Bright light or sunlight can hugely improve photo quality. It seems, so far, that portrait aspect ratio works better than landscape for this. 

 Please send them to Ed @ and include “Vote-Off 8” in the subject line. It works better if I put <Name> is a <age> old <vague job title> from <country> beside the thumbnail. Please private message me your choices for those fields if you would like me to post that with your photos. Making it more personal will probably encourage more votes. Based on last time, the event page got hundreds of views per day and I expect that to go even higher this time as the community is more active now.

This Vote-Off event will run for as many days as necessary to get 2 participants naked.


If you have any questions, please contact me via private message.


PLEASE NOTE: Sending the above photos is your confirmation that you are committing to the event and are leaving yourself totally at the whim of voters as to whether you get exposed on the Internet or not. Once the voting begins, you will not be allowed to back out.

PLEASE ALSO NOTE:  **Participants are expected to purchase a minimum of 5 votes**. This is to encourage more voting and increase competition. Please don’t buy votes until the Vote-Off begins.




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