Vote-Off Participation Instructions




Taking part in this challenge is easy. Just e-mail us the photos listed below. There’s probably nothing else to do. Please make sure you read the whole page (It’s important)!

Each photo should be a head-to-toe shot of you from the front and at least 1000 pixels along
the longest edge. You may wear a mask if you wish, but that may not be an advantage
when it comes to garnering votes.


To enter you must send the following photos of yourself to the e-mail address specified below. Please read to the end before sending any photos and the voting instructions.


Photo 1 – Fully Dressed

  • At any location of your choosing, wearing a top and trousers, a full head-to-toe photo. Whatever your outfit, it needs to match the photos specified below for the Vote-Off to work. Also, please be careful of the lighting. Low light can make photos grainy and unclear.

Photo 2 – Verification

  • Same outfit and position but holding up a piece of paper with “” AND the date you took the photos, CLEARLY written across it. This photo is not for publication online but just to verify that the photos have been taken for this challenge.

Photo 3 – Shirt/top off

  • Same outfit (no paper) but nothing above the waist. If you are female, keep your bra on.

Photo 4 – Trousers Off

  • As photo 3 but nothing but underwear below the waist.

Photo 4b – Ladies ONLY – Bra Off

  • As photo 4 but nothing but naked above the waist.

Photo 5 – Rear View

  • Completely naked, no clothes at all – facing away from the camera (ie with your back to it) but looking back at it over your shoulder.

Photo 6 – Just Hands

  • Completely naked, no clothes at all but covering your genitals with your hands – facing the camera.

Photo 7 – Fully Exposed

  • Facing the camera, completely naked, no clothes at all, and not aroused. Stand in a star pose (arms out and legs apart).

Photo 8 – Time for your Close-Up!

  • Completely naked, but this time a closeup of the area from your belly button to halfway down your thighs, again, not aroused.


Those are the 8 photos (9 if you are female) that are required but feel free to send multiple variations on any of them if you are unsure. Please send them to Ed @ and include “Vote Off my Clothes” in the subject line. It works better if I put <Name> is a <age> old <vague job title> from <country> beside each photo. Please private message me your choices for those fields if you would like me to post that with your photos. Making it more personal will probably encourage more votes. Based on last time, the event photos page got hundreds of views per day and I expect that to go even higher this time as the community is more active now.


If you have any questions, please contact me via private message.


PLEASE NOTE: Sending the above photos is your confirmation that you are committing to the event and are leaving yourself totally at the whim of voters as to whether you get exposed on the Internet or not. Once the voting begins, you will not be allowed to back out.

PLEASE ALSO NOTE:  **Participants are expected to purchase a minimum of 6 votes**. This is to encourage more voting and increase competition. Please don’t buy votes until the Vote-Off begins.



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