Naked Experiment Reports

There have been 5 experiment sessions so far and 3 of them have been written up as detailed reports, with conversation transcripts, activity descriptions and diagrams of the venue.


Experiment #1

Three women and three men got together to try out varying ways of being naked including being undressed by another person, undressing in front of an audience, staying naked for a prolonged time, being the only person naked and more.


Experiment #2

Three different women and three different men to experience a more testing set of experiments, including being chosen at random to undress in front of everyone, performing a presentation of your own naked body, voting for who should get naked, everyone being naked at the same time and even a participant travelling home completely naked! More.


Experiment #3

Five women from an amateur netball team aim to take part in a naked fund-raising calendar. They use a Naked Experiment session to get over their shyness and become more at ease naked. More.


Experiment #4

Not available yet.


Experiment #5

Not available yet.