Find Out More About the Naked Experiments


These are the core of the entire idea. Lots of people are interested in nudity, either being naked or seeing how others react to being naked. I haven’t been able to get any statistics on what percentage of the general population share that interest but experience implies it is a clear majority.

There are lots of opportunities in life to get naked in front of other people, such as the world-famous WNBR, the Tiger Streak, the Polar Bear Run, skinny dipping, strip games, and skinny dipping. Sadly most people don’t have access to these situations or fear being naked in public ways that could result in them being displayed online.

All our research shows that getting naked in front of strangers is a lot easier than being seen naked by friends and family.


Types of Experiment

There are TWO key types of experiments:

    • No charge for taking part.
    • Videos and photos of the experiment session will be published online.
    • Flat charge of £60 per person to take part (covers venue, insurance & other costs).
    • Videos and photos of the session will NEVER be published anywhere.


Both types feature the following:

  • Experiments tuned to the confidence level and interests of participants as much as practical.
  • Safe and discreet environment.
  • Cameras & mobiles are strictly prohibited.
  • All participants are vetted for suitability.
  • Locations kept secret.
  • Friendly participants.
  • No sexual behaviour is permitted.
    • No touching (beyond what’s necessary for undressing) is allowed.
  • Allow participants to test out a range of simple situations, such as:
    • Being the only one naked in front of a small group of strangers.
    • Undressing other people (or being undressed by others).
    • Several people (or all) being naked at once.
  • Provide a supportive and non-threatening environment.
  • Giving everyone (as much as possible) an opportunity to try out what most interests them about nudity.
  • Experiments all take place in the UK.


What happens in an experiment?

The details largely depend on who is attending and, to some degree, the venue. I interview all participants (sometimes more than once) beforehand and build an experiment plan to gently take each participant into that area slightly beyond his or her comfort zone. The aim is to not cause any distress or trauma!

Most experiments follow this formula:

  • Arrival at the venue
  • ID checking (required for legal & insurance reasons)
  • Introductions to the group
  • 6-8 experiments where everyone should get at least two opportunities to be naked in front of the other participants
  • Exit interviews
  • Souvenir photos (if applicable)


Gender balance

When setting up experiments for groups of individuals or couples, I strive for a 50/50 female/male balance. Single-gender experiments are a possibility too.


Experiment Reports:

For most experiments, I produce a detailed written account and publish it on Amazon. This is transcribed from official audio and video (usually out-of-focus) recordings taken during the session.


See previous reports on Amazon UK: Experiment #1, Experiment #2, Experiment #3

Or Amazon US: Experiment #1, Experiment #2, Experiment #3


Don’t forget you can download a FREE sample of each to your Android/Windows/Amazon/iOS device too.


Apply to take part

Please note: As you might expect, there is already a waiting list of male applicants, so you will start much higher up the list if you are female or a couple.

Apply here.

Please ensure you a logged into the community first.



ALL participants are interviewed well before the experiment session. This allows me to ensure participants are suitable, compatible with other participants, and to get a good measure of comfort zones, limits and aims.

Interviews can take place in person, or via Skype chat, private message or e-mail.


Other Notes

  • All participants are expected to be courteous and understanding of other participants. I do not tolerate participants being unkind or threatening in any way.
  • Lifts are usually available from nearby public transport stations with prior arrangement. This would include returning you to the same location at the end of the session.
  • The participation fee will not be refunded if you do not attend the experiment on the day, for any reason at all. Refunds can only be issued up until 5 days before the event.