Naked Experiment FAQ

In the first instance, I would always recommend letting me know. Usually, a polite contact from the administrator makes the problem stop. But if you want a quicker result or the person won't take no for an answer, we added a "Block" button to everybody's profile pages. Clicking on this will instantly stop the problem person from contacting you, interacting with you or being able to hassle you anymore in our community. If you do take this course, please let me know too as in such cases I will probably want to ban that person from the website too.

No. Many people do read them in order and sometimes you can see how experiments in previous sessions influenced later ones, but there is no requirement to read them in any particular order.

See the experiment reports here.

Either in the forums or you can PM me.

The website is completely free. You are under no obligation to pay anything to visit or enjoy this community. If you wish to support this community you can pay a small amount to become a Community Supporter, but that is strictly voluntary.

Other than that, some off-site features may involve a fee, such as taking part in one of our Naked Experiments. The Naked Experiment reports are available to purchase from Amazon.

This is going to be different for different people but I have posted an article on this subject that aims to help most people.

Read the article here.

We have tried to keep the rules as few as possible and as easy to follow as possible. The aim is to keep this community friendly and welcoming to all genuine members.

See the Community Rules here.

After an experiment session is completed, assuming I have consent from all participants, I post a detailed report (descriptions and transcripts) including diagrams of the location but no photos on Amazon.

These are in-person events where around 6-8 people get together at a suitable location (usually a rented meeting room) and perform a series of preplanned experiments involving a variety of nudity combinations.

Find out more about the experiments here.

While running several adult sites for more than two decades, I met many people with various interests in nudity. This then expanded hugely when I got involved with social media marketing. It quickly became apparent that there is a massive range of views and opinions out there and lots of variety of interests in being naked or seeing people naked.

As a casual interest, I began exploring people's interests on this topic and realised that much of the topic was simply not being covered by existing websites and communities so I set out to start one. It went through a variety of names and formats before we arrived with

Read more here.

For most video streaming sites, just post the URL (link to the video page) and this site will take care of the rest. This should work for:

  • Vimeo
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It won't usually work with YouTube as YouTube now blocks embedding of videos rated mature on all other websites. We also tend to find that if sites such as ours link to any YouTube video, that video will be removed from YouTube within a few days.

While we would always recommend viewing the site on a full-sized screen, the site tries to reorganise its layout to fit a huge range of screen sizes. Parts of the site like the forums, are best viewed in landscape orientation. Portrait orientation is simply too narrow on most mobile photos for the information to fit in a legible fashion.