Brave enough to let people vote off your clothes?

Current Vote-Off event
Warning: Full frontal nudity at this link.

The Vote Offs are a fun competition that entertains us all, attracts new members to the community and is a bit of daring fun for those who are brave enough to let everyone vote off their clothes.

The idea is simple: Between 4 and 6 brave volunteers are posted fully-clothed in a gallery and everyone gets 24 hours to vote for whoever they want to lose an item of clothing. At the end of 24 hours, the participant with the most votes loses an item of clothing and the next round begins. Everyone who didn’t lose the previous round, keeps their votes, and the winner’s votes are reset to zero. Then the voting begins again!

The challenge isn’t over until all-bar-one one participant is stripped COMPLETELY naked!

If we can get lots of people voting, the competition becomes even more fun and the anticipation ramps up every round. Participants are not permitted to back out, so if they win enough rounds, they are going to end up stripped naked for all to see!


Are you brave enough to risk losing all your clothes in front of the entire Naked Experiment Community? If so, further instructions are available here.

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