How to Vote

I wanted to keep the voting mechanism as simple as possible but it is more important that it cannot be tampered with or spoofed. To maintain maximum security, I will manage the voting system manually.

How to Vote

  1. Buy votes with Ko-Fi (I will private message you to confirm). Please don’t forget to include your username.
    • 1 Ko-Fi = 3 Votes.
    • 2 Ko-Fis = 6 Votes.
    • 3 Ko-Fis = 10 Votes.
    • 5 Ko-Fis = 20 Votes.
    • 6 Ko-Fis = 25 Votes.
    • 8 Ko-Fis = 36 Votes.
    • 10 Ko-Fis = 50 Votes.
  2. Private Message me to assign any number of votes to any candidate in the event. I will reply to confirm your votes being applied accordingly.
  3. At the end of the voting period (24 hours), the candidate with the most votes will lose an item of clothing. All other candidates will carry their votes forward into the next round.
  4. Votes cannot be carried forward into other events so please ensure you use up all your votes before the end of the final round.


Everyone is free to vote for any participant. You can send one vote or as many as you like. You may vote for more than one candidate. Candidates can even vote for themselves or their competitors.

Please be aware that votes may take several hours to be applied but ALL votes timestamped before the end of each round will apply to that round.

Important Notes

  • Voting is anonymous. You may tell people how you vote etc., but this site will never reveal voting information without your direct permission first.
  • Votes purchased or cast between about 11pm and 9am will be processed after 9am. It’s only me operating this so I can’t be online 24 hours per day.