Master Dare List

Woman accepting pizza delivery nakedHere’s a challenge for everyone – work your way through this list of locations and send a photo of each (with your NE username!) to Ed @ I will add your username to the ranking page.

Photos MUST be full frontal to prove you are naked and I will not publish photos unless you give me permission first. Do not break the law and please try not to upset anyone.

I’m not expecting anyone to complete the list as they will get pretty extreme towards the end. And ladies, please prove that men aren’t the only brave ones!!


List of Naked Challenges

  1. At home
    Anywhere you like at home but make sure you don’t have any clothes on.
  2. Clothes shop/department fitting room
    This one should be nice and easy as you can use the full-length mirror they always have.
  3. Leisure centre, gym or pool changing rooms
    Probably best to choose a quiet time – I can blur the faces of anyone else in the photo but probably best to not start taking photos when anyone else is around.
  4. Outside your house
    This can be in your front garden, back garden, on your drive or even on the pavement out the front.
  5. A car park or layby away from home
    Obviously, this one will require enough of the location in the background to prove where you are.
  6. In the street
    Show us how daring you can be with this one. Make sure we can see the street (houses or shops etc.) in the photo!
  7. In the Park
    There are some fantastic parks in this country. Let’s see you naked in one of them! Make sure we can see the park too.
  8. In front of a supermarket
    You don’t need to be right by the doors, but ensure the main sign over the doors is in your picture.
  9. Outside a Pub
    Any pub will do – it doesn’t have to be open.
  10. Naked with other people in the photo
    Anyone clothed people will do, even if they are a few hundred feet away (but close enough to see you!).
  11. Naked in an open area, field or hilltop
    Basically somewhere outdoors with no cover anywhere near you. You might need more than one photo to prove this one. A landscape (as opposed to portrait) photo is recommended for this one.
  12. Receive a home delivery naked
    It doesn’t matter whether it’s a takeaway, your groceries or an order from Amazon. The hardest part might be capturing it in a photo! Might be best to video this one?
  13. A naked selfie with members of the public
    A cover story will probably be needed for this one – tell them it’s a dare or you’ve been sponsored to be photographed naked with as many people as you can to raise money for charity etc.. They don’t have to be naked but can if they want to.
  14. Take part in your local WNBR
    Or Tiger Streak or any other mass nudity event. It may take several photos to prove this one and, of course, you must be naked yourself!
  15. More to come…

See who’s taking part so far…


NOTE:- Due to some indecision by participants, from now on, once permission has been given to publish a photo, we reserve the right to charge 1 KoFi to remove any photo from the Master Dare list results.