How to be Comfortable Naked

This 7 step plan is for anyone who wants to be more confident about being naked around other people.

Some people find being naked around others really easy but others, the majority it would appear, are shy about their body, nervous about having their more intimate areas exposed for others to see. This plan is to help those progress to becoming more comfortable about their body and being naked.

You can begin at whichever step you are already comfortable and there’s no obligation to complete all the steps, just take it as far as you want. The important thing is to fully complete each step before moving onto the next one. You should feel like you have fully conquered each step before proceeding to the next. Don’t assume that each step will take just a few days or even weeks, some could easily take months to achieve.


The Steps

  1. Be naked at home
    It may feel weird at first but the more you do it, the more normal it will feel. This may much longer than you expect. There’s no deadline, just keep doing it whenever it’s appropriate until it stops feeling strange. Many people find that they eventually stop noticing that they are naked.
  2. See yourself naked
    Spend some time every day looking at yourself naked in the mirror. This one will feel particularly strange at first and may take a while to get used to. Try to spend a few minutes doing this every day.
  3. Feeling naked
    This step doesn’t suit everyone and should be approached with caution. Some people prefer to skip it altogether. Try doing some everyday thing like visiting the supermarket or walking through a shopping centre but wear loose clothing and no underwear. No one will be able to see that you are naked under your outer layer, but you will feel more naked in front of other people than you probably ever have before.
  4. Actually being naked in front of other people
    Probably the biggest individual step: Go to your local swimming pool, leisure centre or gym. Head into the changing rooms then get changed as normal. See how long, even if it is just a second, you can be completely naked in front of the other people changing before you cover-up. It may take numerous visits (you don’t want people thinking you are weird by doing it several times in one visit). Each time you go, try to stay naked for a few seconds longer than the time before. Your ultimate aim is to be able to take a shower in full view of other patrons while not covering up at all. Please remember you are NOT flashing other people. The aim is to be casually naked like people who are confident about their bodies can be. Do NOT make a show of it. Remember lots of people are naked in the changing rooms all the time and think little of it. It’s a perfectly normal place to be naked.
  5. Visit a nudist or naturist beach (or in UK or France any beach where nudity is accepted) and spend time naked
    If you are male, be careful not to get aroused. Cover with a towel immediately if you do. Respect other people, don’t be weird about it, but spend as long as you can naked. You will get used to it, possibly gradually. If you live too far away from the coast there are many other locations where nudity is possible but you will have to do some research. Also, bear in mind the Police guidance on this subject.
  6. Social nudity
    This step may not be possible for everyone, depending on your social circumstances. Tell some trusted friends that you want to try nudism and you would appreciate the opportunity to be naked when they next visit where you live. Suggest that they could be naked too, if they like.
  7. Test out your new confidence
    Sign up for any of our NE Experiences and test out your newfound body confidence.


Always remember:-

Most people are worried about how other people see their body, their flabby bits, skinny bits, spotty bits, stretchmarks and scars. Very few are completely unbothered about their bodies. Most are too absorbed in their own faults to see or care about other peoples. Body confidence is not about having a perfect body it’s about knowing that the vast majority of people out there aren’t going to judge you in the changing rooms and probably won’t even be looking at you anyway.