Community Rules

All members of are expected to abide by the following rules:

1. All members of this community must be at least 18 years old.

2. Hate speech or incitement to hate is not permitted. This community is not the place for religion or racism.

3. Do not post illegal (according to UK law), offensive or inappropriate material. Anyone posting underage photos/illustrations will be banned and reported to the authorities. Descriptions or accounts of people below 18 years of age engaged in ANY sexual activity is not permitted.

4. Do not post depictions or links to depictions of explicit sex, ejaculation, insertions or graphic masturbation. This is NOT a porn site.

5. Keep all posts civil and please avoid unnecessary profanity. Do not harass other members, especially our valuable female members. Ladies, if any members harass you or won’t take “no” for an answer, please contact any moderator or the admin immediately.

6. Photos featuring just male nudity should ONLY be posted in appropriate forums. They may no longer be posted on profile pages or as personal status updates. Depictions of erections are not permitted in this community. Closeups of genitalia are not suitable for this site.

7.  Personal avatars may not feature frontal nudity (ie NO exposed genitals). Offensive or distasteful avatars will be removed without warning.

8. The language of this community is English. Please do not post in other languages.

9. Posting links should be done with caution. Please ensure they are on topic, safe and checked. Links to off-topic material will be treated as spam.

10. No promoting or advertising other websites, groups or communities without explicit permission.

11. By posting content here you are giving the right to publish it on the web.

12. Do not post material that you do not have the right to post. You are responsible for everything you post here.

13. Photographs or other depictions of violence and pain are not usually deemed suitable for this website.  We are not expecting this to be a problem, but if necessary more rules will be added.

14. Please think about the way you post links to other sites. Well intended links (to interesting articles/resources) are encouraged, but if you’re just here to post links to your social media pages, don’t be surprised if your links get deleted.

15. Please remember that the topic of this community is nudity NOT sex. Descriptions or graphic references to sexual activities are likely to be deleted and leave you with a warning (or worse).

16. Moderator decisions are final. There will always be inappropriate or objectionable behaviour which falls outside the scope of these rules and these will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Community rules may be improved and added to at any time so please check back periodically. Members who break the above rules will usually be warned by a moderator unless the breach is deemed to be obviously deliberate. Repeated infringements can lead to a ban from the community. As this site is based in the UK, we use British Law to decide what is legal.