A Quick Guide to the Naked Experiment Community

Here’s a quick introduction to the features of this community:

Key Sections:

  • Blog
    The front end of the site – where I post most embedded videos & many photos. Please feel free to comment on any posts.
  • Forums
    Where you’ll find most activity in this community. Lots to discuss (including our future), info to find out, friends to make and stories to share. Definitely worth checking out the forum.
  • Vote Offs
    Events we run for community members to have their clothes voted off by the public. Are you brave enough?
  • Master Dare List
    After trying out several ways of setting dares here, we ultimately settled on a centralised list of dares, starting from easy ones you can do at home to much more daring stuff. 
  • Naked Experiments
    The original reason for this site & still a core element. Small groups explore variations of being naked. We aim to do several experiment sessions per year.
  • Community Supporters
    Our Supporters are invaluable to operating this site. Most stuff here is freely available to all but some choice stuff is reserved for our Patreon supporters.

Don’t forget to explore the rest of the site to find out more.


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