• Naked Dares
      Like to be dared to get naked? Like to dare others? This is the place to take and make dares. Also the home of our official Weekly Dare Challenge.
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    • Naked Events
      Public events and protests when nudity is featured. WNBR, Tiger Streaks, Mass Nude Photoshoots and other naked events can be announced and organised here.
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    • Private: Ladies Only
      A female-only forum. Nobody gets to see this one until they have been verified as female by a female moderator. For obvious reasons, this cannot include couples where the other partner is male.
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    • Sports & Fitness
      Like to do sports naked? Or get fit in the nude? Or maybe you like to watch others getting some exercise naked? This is the forum for all things related to sport, fitness and training.
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    • Become a Community Supporter

      The forums in this category are another perk for our valued Community Supporters. This site could not continue to run without them. It really doesn't cost much to become a supporter. Find out how to here.
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    • Is it Art?
      Nudity is a not-infrequent feature of art. Sometimes the nudity is beautiful and makes sense in the context, other times it seems to be more of an excuse for some exhibitionism on the part of the artist(s). Let's post some examples in this forum and vote on what we think.
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    • Suggestions
      This is the forum to suggest changes and improvements to the NakedExperiment Community.
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    • Who should strip?
      A little game for us to play. Each topic will start with a photo of three or more people and a poll to allow all supporters to choose which one has to get naked. While we have very few members, I'll provide the photos etc., but once the community is large enough, maybe we can get enough volunteers together to run this as a game for community members?
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