Naked Experiment #3

Naked Experiment #3 - Front CoverThe written first-hand account of the 3rd Naked Experiment session. This one was a total departure from the previous two, instead involving five female participants who already knew each other. They were part of an amateur netball team which planned to create a naked fund-raising calendar to pay for a tour but, unlike the rest of their team, were too shy to get naked for calendar photos. They wanted to use a Naked Experiment session to overcome their shyness.

The following ladies took part:

  • Jo – A 45-year-old redhead and the most senior member of the team
  • Anna – a 42-year-old brunette. The tallest participant.
  • Jen – A 41-year-old with medium fair hair and blue eyes.
  • Eve – A 36-year-old, blonde ponytail and the shortest team member.
  • Sarah – 40 years old and of Chinese descent.


Rather than separate experiments, this session was designed as a series of small steps with all the ladies involved with the aim of all five achieve some level confidence with being completely naked in front of each other.

For just £5.99 (US$7.99), you can download 80+ pages of transcript and descriptions, with location diagrams (but no photos) detailing the participants’ gradual transition from shyness to greater confidence about their own nudity, interviews afterwards and conclusions drawn from the results.


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