Naked Experiment #1

Experiment1 - 40 Page ReportIt took several years of effort to organise the very first experiment session. If I had known how long it was going to take when I first started, I doubt I would have bothered. Thankfully I did, and here is the result.

For just £4.99 (US$6.99), you can download the detailed 40-page account of the first experiment session. The following six people (three women and three men) of varying ages got together for a series of experiments involving nudity in various ways and combinations:

  • Jo (F) – A 34 year-old teaching assistant.
  • Natalie (F) – A 38 year-old housewife.
  • Sian (F) – A 49 year-old PA in a small construction firm.
  • Efren (M) – A 37 year-old engineer.
  • Jim (M) – A 62 year-old retired owner of a window-cleaning business.
  • Tom (M) – A 41 year-old courier driver.


Read about how the experiments went and find out what will each of the brave participants think of being the only person naked in a group, letting someone else strip them naked, everyone being naked or having to stay naked when everyone else gets dressed?

This is the account of 7 situations involving nudity for one, some or all of the group, interviews afterwards and conclusions drawn from the results. 40+ pages of description with diagrams but no photos.

If you are considering taking part in one of’s experiment sessions, this will give you a much clearer idea of what to expect.


Get the full 40-page account or download a free sample from Amazon UK or Amazon US.

Also available for free on Kindle Unlimited.