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      I’m always curious how people got into playing stripgames. I think the early stage of my own story is quite screwed up but I’ll tell it anyway.

      I wasn’t sure what to call this discussion or how to start it. It was going to be “the first time someone saw me naked” but obviously that would be when I was a baby so isn’t what I meant. As very small children, my sister and I used to to share a bath but – again – that’s just normal family life. My mother had a slightly odd side to her. I remember that if one of us was naughty we’d have to wait a long time after a bath to be allowed to put our pyjamas on, even after we’ were old enough to be at school. I also remember us having to model our new clothes, even minimal underwear, and that was very weird. That went on for much longer. Her exhibitionism got a bit out of hand when we were teenagers but that didn’t involve me getting naked, just her leaving her dressing gown very loose all evening on many occasions.

      So what about times when I stripped on purpose? That started when my sister asked me once if I wanted to see her naked. Of course I did but we were so young it was just about curiosity. That grew into playing strip games and we very soon started playing with one of my friends, one of her friends, and – at least once – her friend’s brother but he didn’t seem to enjoy it. We were going through puberty then, so say aged 11-ish???

      So maybe I mean when was the first time you intentionally stripped naked in front of someone who wasn’t a family member, but that’s a bit cumbersome. Also, if childhood curiosity doesn’t count, do we add “as an adult”? I don’t know. What do others think? How about “The first time someone my own age looked at me naked”?

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      I can’t really recall the first time anyone saw me naked.

      Growing up and in late teens and early 20s, I was very shy. I was involved in a strip game whilst at camp – in a tent with four other boys, all in our teens (just) and playing a strip game, but one where no-one actually got naked.  It was always ‘remove glasses’ then ‘unzip flies’, ‘remove sock’ and so on. I’m pretty sure no-one actually got naked because we just got bored with the game.

      Another time was a school trip to France and I was in a bedroom with another boy, and it only had a double bed. So we undressed and got into bed together but nothing happened and I can’t recall if i was ever fully naked and seen by him.

      A better story is probably the first time i life modelled. The sense of nervousness as I walked to the venue, and then just had to ‘screw my courage to the sticking place’, into the toilet, strip off, robe on, then go and wait while the group set up before the leader of the group just said “ready to go?” and all i could do was nod, remove my robe and stand in the centre of the circle attempting some lame pose or other. It all went well though and the sense of empowerment afterwards was incredible.  Thats when you know – you are naked and proud of it, when others would never contemplate it.

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      I was about 13. I used to go orienteering and we went in a minibus and had to change. One time 3 girls about the same age came along. I had a later start time than everyone else and the rain came down.

      Absolutely soaked, had to strip right off in front of 3 changed and dressed girls who made no secret that they were watching.

      Initially I was pretty embarrassed, but I found myself taking my time.


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      I guess as a kid I used to run around naked and everything like that like children often do, and in school I actually got in trouble because as a little kid I used to like showing my underpants to the girls! But I eventually outgrew that and since then I haven’t really had any naked experiences at all sadly. I have had a life that’s largely devoid of any real nudity outside of my fictional writing, which of course isn’t the same thing as real-life nudity, even if I have a very vivid imagination!

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