Have you ever stripped naked during a night out?

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        Being tipsy or drunk can be a great excuse for nudity:


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          I think I’d be intimidated by being naked in front of two attractive dressed ladies like that!

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            Kind of.  I used to go out clubbing back in the late 1980s and would drive down to a mate’s house and a group of about 5 or 6 would go to a great club: not too big, great music, good fun.  One time we’d had a lot to drink and I left the group to go back to my mate’s house, feeling a bit worse for wear.  I took his spare key and walked the mile or so back his flat.  It was about 1.00am.  I was in a suit and the cool air certainly helped.  The club had been steaming.  I loosened my tie and ambled along dark back country roads.  Still feeling hot I slipped off my jacket.  And then – where do these ideas come from? – decided to take everything off.  Tie, shirt, shoes. Socks, trousers, underwear.  I clasped my clothes to cover my erection, but was totally nude by the time I got to the carpark under the flat.  I staggered up the cold concrete stairs, nude but exhilarated and fortunately still had the door key.  I’d been tempted to leave all my clothes in the street as I stripped them off big sanity just about prevailed!  It was lucky the flat was empty!  I’d forgotten all about that incident?!

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              Yes. Used be a naked club night in london. Used to go there once a month. Apparently it was running last weekend.

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                I’ve definitely flashed my boobs whilst on the tipsy side, but not properly got naked in a pub or club.

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