Ever Intentionally Got Yourself into an Awkward Naked Situation?

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      This is a question that came up when I was thinking of my novella. A large number of my fictional stories that I write about the topic of nonmutual nudity or embarrassing nudity involves an arrogant character who is trying to get others naked ends up having the tables turned on them and being forced into a naked situation themselves. In my longer novella an arrogant guy who hopes that he will get to see his female roommates naked for a month agrees to draw names out of a hat with them where the loser will be forced to get naked for a month and he ends up getting screwed and being forced to be the one naked unexpectedly (he never considered he might lose).

      My question though is that has anyone ever tried to intentionally get themselves in an awkward situation where they would be obligated to be naked and would be unable to get out of it? Like maybe playing strip poker and purposely losing or getting yourself involved in a situation like a bet where you might end up being forced to go naked or something along those lines.

      Or maybe something that just put yourself in sort of a dangerous situation like leaving your clothing out around a person that you know will steal it from you and leave you stuck in an awkward position! Or intentionally stranding yourself without clothes.

      It is something that I would definitely like to experience but I have never had the opportunity but it sounds like it would certainly be something exciting. For some reason when you are obligated or forced to be naked it seems to make the whole situation more exciting because there’s no way to escape from it! Extra points if it’s a situation where others get to keep their clothing on.

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      Yes. Lots…

      As a teenager strip poker and dares afterwards that ended with me running round a block naked.

      Then skinny dipping and being the only to take off my underwear.

      As a student .

      First time i was a life model.

      It was a photographer’s evening workshop, once  uI turnedp I had no choice to be naked for four hours in front of seven clothed artists. I didn’t know I was suppose to bring a gown, so even in the breaks and trip to the toilet a 50m down the hallway.


      Also advertised as a naked cleaner on gumtree, so again second I arrived and knocked on the door, I was obligated to go naked.

      Also a game of dares on a student night that ended me walking naked to our student flat for two miles.

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      I used to play strip games as a mid-teenager and sometimes lost on purpose, mainly to encourage other people to play to the end. I think it worked. Me being the first one prepared to get completely naked during a game seemed to encourage the others. Playing later as an adult, it wasn’t my idea to start with so I didn’t need to drive things forward. I think I suggested, and did, the first outdoor dare, probably for the same reason but partly just out of devilment.

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      I played strip poker once as a young adult.  I actually won, the only one still in underwear with the others naked.  later that night one gal and I went skinny dipping (after midnight) at the apartment complex pool.  pretty daring for me at that point.

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      One of the films I acted in required my character to end up tied to a tree, stripped of his pyjamas, have blood thrown over him, have his body sliced, and candle wax dripped on his torso and penis.

      so I ended the filming naked and pretty messy. We were filming at midnight, on a farmers field campsite, half a mile away from the hot shower. Rather than head to shower, I took a light panel to a nearby pool – walking there naked – and cleaned myself off there. So, only one naked, but the others were too busy relaxing around a campfire to be that bothered! Wasn’t awkward nudity to me though, I’d signed up for the film knowing the situation the character would end up in…. just didn’t think how cold the clean up would be!

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      So is it true to say you can’t intentionally get into an awkward naked situation?

      if intentional, you want to be nude. So how can that be awkward to you?

      although I’m reminded of the escape artist in a lift (elevator) who failed to escape and get dressed before being discovered by family members…

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