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Well, go on then, if you insist. The sun came out for a while so why not? I said I’d strip so I took three pictures – covered, uncovering, and fully naked – but this was best one. I played around with pixellating it for disguise but found it looks good like this in any case. It’s much bigger pixels than I’d use normally. I was in front of a shrub (on my left) and a stone wall (on my right) but they must be remarkably similar colours. The garden is overlooked and the neighbours on one side are moving out so were around quite a bit. If they saw anything, they didn’t comment. The grass was very wet and is quite long, which was a pleasant feeling and washed my feet. It left my dressing gown wet though (I threw it away from the shot) so I ended up walking back across the garden and into the house naked, about 30 yards probably. I haven’t done that recently, and never mid-morning. It felt good. I didn’t check to see if anyone was about – I don’t think there was anyone, but if they knew I’d seen them, they might think I was flashing at them!!

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