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Yes, a while ago.

I like to think (and it’s probably true) that I have a bit of witch in my DNA and I’m always wary of films etc that blur the line too much between freedom and madness. I was a bit sceptical of this one before because, apart from the trial scene near the beginning, I couldn’t see much actual witch activity going on.

I must be in a better, or more receptive, mood this time. They showed such a range of emotions and ways of behaving, all in a small space with a small cast. I like the way they challenge the audience, and (as quite often) I wish they’d gone further in drawing audience members into the performance. The beginning looked promising when, before the days of social distancing, they led people by the hand through the darkness to where they would sit. Then they interrogated a couple of them, but they could have gone further later.

This is the naked experiments community so it would have suited us here if a couple of audience members had been pulled into the herb heap and stripped but we can’t have everything.

It would be interesting to go to a theatre and see a warning sign saying “MAY CONTAIN SCENES OF your NUDITY”

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