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I don’t have a direct answer. I’ve walked naked with two organised groups in SE England. They don’t publish the routes they use as such One lists the start and finish points along with a brief description, a write-up on their site afterwards and photos of the walks –

The other group does similar but without a dedicated website; it emails dates and locations etc

I also walk nude with friends on very informal basis, waiting for a nice day when a few of us are free. We’ve done it for quite a few years, since 2018s formal clarification of the laws on public nudity we’ve been much more relaxed about staying naked when we meet people, much like the Naturist Ramblers describe their attitude to it. We knew it was OK be naked in public before but the interpretation of the laws was very variable so we were more cautious previously, covering up to avoid potential hassles. Its great being able to be ourselves now and remain nude far more often. People we’ve met and talked to are often positive about our choice to be naked, just a few only mutter and keep going.