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As an experiment, it would be interesting to see how an all-female group differed from an all-male group. Would an all-female group need a female host though?

When I was young enough for it not to matter, one of my friends tried to start a strip club. As a group of lads, we practised on a common that had some quite densely treed areas where we wouldn’t be seen and we took it in turns to be the stripper, so it was an all male OON situation. We didn’t dance! The stripper would be persuaded by the group to take the next thing off so it was quite a slow process. The instruction was to face away from the group to take each thing off and then turn round. The intention was to invite a couple of female friends along so it would have been ISYMIYSMY (I’ll show you mine if…) but for some reason I don’t recall we stopped. I imagine it just got boring once we realised we weren’t going to see any female classmates naked.

We were doing an all-male naked experiment. I wonder how different an all-female or mixed one would have been.

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