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    I consider myself to be transgender but I have not had any surgery or hormones or anything like that. I identify as female but I am physically and fully biologically male. I do sometimes wonder if my inhibition about being naked stems from the fact that I am not really comfortable with my body and anatomy. I sometimes think that if I had a proper female body maybe I would be more comfortable with my body, but then on the other hand I feel that if I had an attractive female body I would probably be even more self-conscious but it would probably also be more exciting because females are much more sexualized in this culture.

    I do sometimes wonder if my interest in things such as CFNM or being the only one naked reflect some desire to feel accepted for my body. I may not be comfortable with having physical male anatomy but the idea of people looking at my naked body and being turned on by it might make me feel a little bit more comfortable in my own skin, although I still think that I would find the entire experience to be rather humiliating but also exciting.