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Was it Are you brave enough to do this? – Naked Experiment Community ?

I try not to turn away from photos of naked people, but I can never see the point of ones that really only belong in a biology textbook. I definitely prefer full body pictures to closeups of body parts, except – come to think of it – where the closeup serves some artisic purpose. Bodies do make interesting shapes. If I was tied spreadeagled (those were the days!!!) with a camera between my knees, how would I feel about that? I don’t know really. There must be an experiment in there somewhere, perhaps with legs being held at different heights and angles. How about on your side with one knee up to your chin?

Before the paper-blowing video was deleted by the site it came from, someone said that the pose would be unattractive for a male. I think it could certainly lead to some unappealing photos, but a video would be ok.