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You are right, but also a little unkind in that.

Men are FAR more likely to be into photography (and therefore to have the intrusive, large-lensed cameras) than women. I don’t have the statistics to hand, but it’s something like 8 or 9 to 1. Men love naked women (which isn’t misogyny, it’s biology), but the sort of geeky men who have big cameras and are willing to travel to an event like that, are (in my experience over the years) likely to be less socially confident, less confident with women and almost certainly not getting as much sex as they would like. Most importantly, they often (but not always) lack the social skills/awareness or empathy to act as women usually prefer.

For some of them, WNBR is the only female nudity they are going to see in real life this year so they are desperate.

That doesn’t excuse the behaviour or make it any more tolerable but it’s also completely unrealistic to expect it to go away. My local one doesn’t allow cameras in the screened-off preparation area, which probably helps a little.

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