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I maybe could do this in front of complete strangers, but I think the Fear Factor version was done in front of friends and family. I’ve played strip games with friends and with family but only a very small number of them, not a roomful. I worry that if it was filmed, everyone would see me online but of course (a) that’s very unlikely and (b) with so many naked people online these days, maybe nobody would think it was strange in any case.

Maybe a slightly similar situation, especially for a woman, would be bumping into some friends on the beach when she is topless. I remember seeing groups of friends, including topless women, playing on Bournemouth Beach a few years ago, Maybe what happens on the beach stays on the beach but it must be slightly odd at first to be at work or college with people you’ve seen nearly naked on the beach. On the other hand, nakedness is contextual so the beach or a swimming pool feel very different from a business meeting.

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