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Car park story.


With people saying they liked the stories behind naked events her goes the story behind the car park stip. Oh and video.

I went to a local multi story carpark. I had done a challenge with the missis in this car park a couple of years ago so figured I knew it well enough. I drove in about lunch time and headed up to the 3rd floor. The first floor is all for local council and disabled parking. The 2nd floor was packed, really packed as I was driving through I thought this was not going to be possible. Luckily as I got to the 3rd floor it was much more empty. I parked up in a slot and noticed another car drive up the ramp and park up close by. That meant I would have to wait a while, I decided to go for a walk round the town before doing anything. On the way out I noticed cameras had been fitted in the stairwell since the last time I’d been there. Coming back to the car i got back to the 3rd floor and started thinking about where to strip off suddenly looking up I noticed a camera almost right above my car. So now looking really dodgy I started walking around the carpark to look for areas with cameras. I think that was the only one on the level I was on so moved to a central point of the carpark not covered by the camera. There were a lot of traffic noises as there is a busy ish road outside with delivery lorries turning up regularly. They sound like cars coming up the ramps so I hesitated a bit to get started but eventually I did it. I don’t think any cars actually entered the car park during this challenge but some had parked up on the floor while I was out walking so was definitely a possibility some could have, guess I got lucky. This was my first challenge of the afternoon and it was exciting being in the middle of the town center.


[video src="" /]

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