Now accepting participants for Vote-Off #7.

With Vote-Off #6 complete (congratulations to our winner of Vote-Off #6, Matt – you can see his getting naked video here)NakedExperiment has now opened the doors to video submissions for Vote-Off #7.

It looks like three of the participants from Vote-Off #6 will be taking part in Vote-Off #7 so I’m hopeful that #7 will kick off very soon, so get your videos in NOW!


Find out more about Vote-Off #7 and how to join in the fun here.

Vote Off #4 Open for Participants

Covering with handsAs you know, there are many places you can show yourself or risk being naked online, but letting people vote off your clothing is a completely different experience. You do not have any control and the audience can strip you naked on a whim and look at your bare body. Letting other people control your level of exposure can be a lot more exciting!

So, are you brave enough to let the online audience decide if your clothes come off? Their votes take your clothes from you and there is NOTHING you can do to stop it.

We’re looking for another three or more participants to risk exposure to the online community in our new Vote Off event.


Find out more about participating here.

Find out more about the Vote Off event here.