3 thoughts on “Live Art Act

  1. I shouldn’t trivialise an art project that so many people put so much effort into, but it made me wonder about an experiment where one person completely paints another person just using their hands.

  2. Saw a picture of a body divided in to sections before. I could imagine an experiemnt where 1 person is stripped and has their body divided a bit like paint by numbers. Then depending on how many other people there are in the experiment each other person draws lots for the numbered section they get to paint.
    So if there are 4 other people in the experiment then the body is divided in to multiple sections but sutch that each player will be painting an area normally covered by underwear. So if a male is stripped the front of the penis is number 1 the back is number 2 left testicle is number 3 and right testicle is number 4. Obviously the rest of the body should also be divided up and painted as well.

    You could also do something like limit the number of brushes available to 1 less than number of participants. Then draw lots to see who has to paint by hand while everyone else has to paint with brushes. You could then also have a trade off after someone has won to use their hand.
    The trading could be as simple as that you need to agree to X amount of unknown tasks from Ed

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