2 thoughts on “Body, Skin and Space

  1. This one, and another one in the same set, made me think of what a group of friends can do after they’ve all got used to seeing each other naked. Experimenting with closeness and touch sounds like a good way of keeping the challenge and interest alive. It would be good to have a choreographer, maybe someone like a square-dance “caller”, guiding them through the poses and actions.

    Now I’m also wondering if naked country dancing would be a good way of spending an evening. Otherwise, you could start fully dressed and then after each dance, everyone votes on who made the biggest hash of it and that person takes something off. In that version, almost everyone, even the worst dancer, would stay fairly fully dressed though.

    1. I’d like to see just dancing, no theme, and clothes just gradually falling off….shirt off the shoulder, shoes slipped off, trousers wiggled off the hips…no actual undressing, just clothes kind of casually slipping off until completely nude.

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