Our Naked Experiences

As well as our Naked Experiments, we also aim to provide the following role-playing opportunities detailed below. These have been developed as many people have found that it is easier to be naked in a role-playing situation. If you don’t find the following experiences to be embarrassing or a challenge for you, then you are ready to progress directly to the Naked Experiments.

Mock Interviews (One on one)

Get called to a classic one-on-one job interview! Dress smartly (suit, tie etc.) and attend a particularly thorough job interview where even your clothes will come off. The interviewer will expect you to get completely naked and leave yourself completely exposed. Expect to remain naked for some time.

Strip Searches (Very small groups)

Shortly after arriving at the venue, an undercover agent enters the room and makes everyone present (probably 2-3 people) line up against the wall before stripping each completely naked. Once everyone has been checked, the entire group are made to line up naked with hands on heads and in full view of each other.

Mock Medical Examinations (One on one)

A doctor calls to your home and performs a comprehensive examination of your body, including the removal of all your clothing. Don’t be shy in front of the doctor!

If you haven’t already applied, you can find the application form here. In order to limit applications to genuine people, the application form is only open to Community Supporters. This protects the form from the huge number of timewasters and spammers out there.


All details and limits will be discussed in detail prior to any event taking place. The aim of these experiences is to push you outside your comfort zone, allow you to experience nudity for a short time and to give you the satisfaction of achieving something you have not or would not be able to normally. We have no desired to overstep boundaries or, in any way, upset or traumatise anyone.