Naked Experiments

These are the core of the entire idea. Lots of people are interested in nudity, either being naked or seeing how others react to being naked. I haven’t been able to get any statistics on what percentage of the general population share that interest but experience implies it is a clear majority.

There are lots of opportunities in life to get naked in front of other people, such as the world-famous WNBR, the Tiger Streak, the Polar Bear Run, skinny dipping, strip games, and skinny dipping. Sadly most people don’t have access to these situations or fear being naked in public ways that could result in them being displayed online.

All our research shows that getting naked in front of strangers is a lot easier than being seen naked by friends and family.

Our NakedExperiments are carefully designed to:

  • Be discreet and safe:
    • Cameras & mobiles strictly prohibited.
    • All participants are vetted for suitability.
    • Locations kept secret.
    • Friendly participants.
    • No sexual behaviour permitted.
  • Test out a range of simple situations, such as:
    • Being the only one naked in front of a small group of strangers.
    • Undressing other people (or being undressed by others).
    • Several people (or all) naked at once.
  • Provide a supportive and non-threatening environment.
  • Give everyone (as much as possible) opportunity to try out what most interests them about nudity.Experiment1 - 40 Page Report


As well as the Experiments, there are other experiences available too (click here to see more).


The new application form is now open (click here to sign up Community Supporters only) but if you wish to find out more about previous experiment sessions and help support the community here a little, a full report of those experiments can be purchased from Amazon:

Naked Experiment #1
The report is 40+ pages long and a great way to find out exactly what you might be letting yourself in for! Give it a try – it’s a fun experience you simply have to try at least once in your life.

NakedExperiment #2
This report is 62 pages long and details the experience of another six people trying out nudity in front of others. This one includes one participant’s outdoor nudity challenge and gives a better idea of how we try to tailor each person’s experience to their level of body confidence.

NakedExperiment #3
This report is quite different to previous ones. At 81 pages long it is also the longest. Five members of a women’s amateur netball team, aged between 36 and 45 needed help preparing for a naked fund-raising calendar. The rest of the team were happy to take part in the calendar shoot, but these five lacked the body confidence and wanted help overcoming their shyness. Follow their progress as they tackle ten challenges that lead them gradually from shyness to nudity.


Don’t forget you can also download a FREE sample of each to your Android/Windows/Amazon/iOS device too.


* PLEASE NOTE: Experiments are currently on hold until the lockdown ends *

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