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  1. There was something almost ritualistic about this one, particularly as they were undressing. It was as if each of them had to reach a stage in their dance before they became free to take something else off. I wonder if that would work with a social walking group. They walk together through the countryside but each member is only allowed to take something off if they meet a challenge – maybe see a particular bird or flower, or manage to get across a stream without getting wet. The people who had met the most challenges would be able to proudly walk back through the carpark naked.

  2. I love the idea of a challenge to get naked in a group. You have something competive to complete to get naked.
    Makes me wonder about a challenge we could probably all do.
    Put Skype details in a message in the forum.
    Set up a time and date on that message. And go live on a call for 20 minutes at that time.
    For each person that turns up, as they turn you can remove one piece of clothing. So if 5 people turn up at the start you get naked at the start and spend 20 minutes naked. If 4 people turn up at the start and a 5th with one minute to go then you stand in underwear for 19 minutes before getting naked for the last minute.
    For each additional person that turns up after the amount of clothes you are wearing you add X minutes to the time you stay naked and live on the call. So if you are naked after 5 people and 5 more people turn you add 5×x minutes to the naked time. After that time you can get dressed again then finish the call.
    If everyone leaves early you can’t close the call but you must get dressed again. And can only strip off if people join again.
    In theory 5 people could join make you naked then all leave forcing you to get dressed then re join 2 minutes later forcing you to strip again.

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