4 thoughts on “Is there something special about being naked outdoors?

  1. Yes, being outdoors is normal & natural for humans, as is b nude outdoors, weather permitting. I these times, it is special to be in the natural normal environment in the natural normal state, fully nude. Also, it is usually heathyist to do athletes, workout, run, fully nude, as I mist always do, shoe excepted, of coure

  2. There is something about being ‘natural in nature’ that just really hits all the marks for some people. There is definitely a feeling I am sure that ones with it that I can’t explain.

    1. Being naked outdoors is something completely natural. At the same time, it is still something very special due to the conventions that usually prevail.
      I certainly enjoy it, especially in nature, which I then always feel with all my senses in a particularly intense way.

  3. Yes it’s great to feel the sun or the breeze, or both, on your skin. I love to potter or relax in our garden, and will seek out nudist beaches when on holiday.

    Even when it’s too cold to sit and, say, sunbathe or read, or have Al fresco lunch, it’s great to get out just three or four minutes. We have a freezer and tumble drier in an outhouse so I regularly pop out naked to get something out of the freezer, or to put in or take out, washing. It’s not unusual for me to pop out to get some bread for toast at six or seven o’clock in the morning!

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