3 thoughts on “Is nudity an effective means of protesting?

  1. I think not!

    Yes it gets you a bit of attention for a day maybe 2 but how many protests like this can you remember happening. I did a quick search for naked protests, I don’t remember the cause of any of the ones that come up.
    Ask me about a dad climbing a sky scraper in a Spiderman outfit I’ll tell you it was father’s for justice, ask me about orange clad protesters and I can tell you it’s about oil. Ask me a group of naked people in parliament and I’ll tell you these politicians seem to be sleezy enough these days without a free peep show but I couldn’t tell you what the people were protesting about. And that’s the issue. You get remembered for the nudity and not the cause. And that makes the protest ineffective.

    Don’t get me wrong I won’t complain about the nudity and ik happy for many many groups to try and prove me wrong?

  2. Potentially yes, a protest has to be memorable and stay in the mind. I can still remember the pitch being dug up at Headingley from back in the 70s.
    Nudity would do that depending on the context as societal norms and the corrosive effect of religion means that it will probably shock.

  3. Nudity use to annoy or shock for oil attention is not appropriate. Nudity used to protest for nudists rights however is appropriate. Nudity can be effective, it is is announced prior to and singns posted around the area of nude activity

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