3 thoughts on “If your friends were all naked would you get naked too?

  1. Tough question. I’m shy enough that I would typically avoid getting naked if possible, but I guess a lot of it depends on the situation and if anyone is going to see us or have phone cameras close by!

  2. I would first ask them “why are you naked?” Because if they all got locked out or had their clothes stolen I won’t join them. If they had something else in mind maybe I’d get down to my underwear but I’m not really a naked person lol

  3. Well, if it was a game with rules about becoming nude then they would take precedence – but I’d be up for playing (and probably disappointed if it didn’t become nude myself!).

    If it was a general, late night (probably drinking alcohol) related “let’s get naked!” dare, then, yup, fine by me!

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