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        I have been given permission to post a link to my novella about CFNM which can be purchased at The novella is fiction though the character is largely based on me.

        Here is the description: Steve felt he had hit the jackpot when he found out that he was going to be moving in with two beautiful female roommates, Alyssa and Megan, one of whom was a stripper! He thought his luck couldn’t get any better when they agreed to a wager where they would draw lots and one of them would have to spend the entire month in the apartment naked. But after Steve ends up losing the bet and finds that he is going to have to be the one naked for the month with two beautiful fully dressed women his naturally shy nature is going to be tested to the extreme as the women keep thinking of new increasingly humiliating situations to put him in. Will he be able to get through the entire month without any clothing or will the humiliation become too much for him? Find out in this new novella of CFNM (clothed female, nude male).

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          I’ve not read your book, so without wanting to spoil the plot, would it be possible for me to be a ‘substitute’ should Steve fail to be naked all the time?!

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