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        In this post I am betting “ALL” of my clothes (and I do mean ALL) that 6 different people will not LIKE this specific post within a 48 hour period time. Activity has been slim so I don’t think there will be 6 different people within the 48 hours to do it.. but… If I am wrong, ED is going to immediately post me COMPLETELY NAKED in the master dare list with a link below for ALL TO SEE!  I have no control whatsoever over the results. If I lose, there will be nothing I can do but be totally embarrassed by watching my picture get posted and know that people around the world can see me NAKED any time they want day or night! So, will I be safe or will you (like many others)  soon be seeing me facing the camera with a smile wearing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING?????

        ***Your mouse click on the LIKE button could take my clothes off.. ALL OF THEM!!!!

        I will be watching the hours pass, hoping I am safe, knowing that I am getting closer and closer to possibly being shown wearing nothing but a smile FULLY NUDE!!!

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          What a good idea.
          I’m also guilty of not joining,

          life has been busy, so tomorrow

          (busy now) I’ll post my videos for

          Ideas on the new Video dare list

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            Well played!  Enjoy your new celebrity.

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