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        Spotted on a beach. Two women, probably in their sixties (the photographers), escort two fully dressed younger women (the models) down to the water’s edge to scout for a photo location. They decide they’ve found the right spot, but this is where it got very slightly odd. The older women evidently told the younger women to strip to their bikinis. The one in the green top did so immediately and started trying out poses. The one in the black top took a lot of pursuading to strip off. In the end, she did (as you can see from the picture) but why make them strip on the beach in full view of the public, especially given the reluctance of one of them. They could have undressed privately and worn sarongs down to the water’s edge. Was it all about the photographers proving they had power over the models? Was the more experienced model showing off to the new one? It wasn’t quite a forced public strip but it wasn’t far off. Very strange.

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