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        With one experiment session completed and the second happening in August, there is a growing need to recruit more female participants. To that end, I’m looking into relaunching the participant recruitment pages. We’ve still got a list of over 140 men signed up to take part so I don’t really see much point in opening applications up to more men yet. That makes things awkward, to say the least.

        Going on how things worked out last time, about 80% of applicants will be time-wasters, those just hoping to see the results of experiments without taking part and men pretending to be women (that happens a LOT). It’s been suggested that I should only open the application form to Community Supporters as that would discourage time-wasters and encourage more people to support the community. I believe it would have that effect but might also put off people who are genuinely interested.

        I’ve also considered opening the application form to just women, but those pretending to be female would no doubt apply too and there’s no way for a script to differentiate.


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