Is a painted body naked?

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Are you naked if you're wearing bodypaint?

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  • Yes, naked.
  • No, not naked.
  • It depends (comment below!).
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      My instinct was to say no, but no paint is going to hide a man I suppose. Women it would depend on the paint thickness, colouring and where applied


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      I find that being body painted makes me feel like I’m not naked. Yes, hard not to be fully seen, but the paint does act like a layer of clothing.

      The painting of penis was an afterthought – the artist didn’t want to embarrass me by painting it or even asking – if he had asked to start with then the “snake” would have been wound more around the tree.

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      For me it depends on whether it is still obvious the person is naked, and even that depends on proximity. I’ve seen pictures and videos of naked people who were painted and you couldn’t tell that it was paint and it looked just like they were actually wearing clothing from a distance, of course you get up right close in front of them and examine them in detail all the naughty bits and whatnot are kind of difficult to hide (like with the woman used as the example picture)! But I guess the determining factor really comes down to how good of a paint job it is and how far away the person is from you.

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      I think it depends on the extent of the painting and, a bit, on the purpose and psychology.  I imagine a bit of body art may leave one feeling naked while a full paint up might give one nearly the confidence of actual clothing, or one might feel it is more art than nudity.   I’ve seen photos of body painted people that were very artfully done and where it was really pretty hard to tell if it was paint or some kind of clothing.

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        Those are very good points.

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