Have you ever seen nudity used as a punishment?

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          As a child, yes, by not being allowed to get dressed straight away after a bath if one of us had misbehaved. I only worked out years later what had been going on, so not a very effective punishment for me at the time!

          I think there’s a risk when thinking about naked punishment that we start to imagine that really bad situations are entertaining, though come to think of it that’s what keeps a lot of “reality” TV going. I remember when Jade Goody was made to strip naked on Big Brother in a stripgame she was bound to lose, some media coverage was “phroarr – naked woman!!!!!” but most of it was saying she was being inappropriately exploited. That wasn’t a punishment exactly, but it wasn’t far off. (I never worked out if she was in on the joke and had calculated it was her best chance of becoming famous.)

          In a role play, though, it’s something I’d like to see more of. Maybe I should be paraded naked around Whitby as a punishment for disrespecting the witches. Or in a gameshow where all the contestants were fully aware of what they were letting themselves in for. How about changing the rules of The Apprentice so Alan Sugar says in the boardroom “…and at least one of you is going to get naked” as punishment for causing their team to lose the task. Then they’re filmed walking outside and getting into the taxi.


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            Not in reality but in a story I wrote a story where a man was forced to apologize naked at a women’s center every week and I wrote a novel called the year of naked penance that I haven’t gotten around to publishing yet about a man who was sentenced to a year of public nudity as an additional punishment for a crime.

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              99% of the time I have been giving the oorders. But yes and I’ve always enjoyed it. Not done it for a few years now though.

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