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    I haven’t tried the mask / head cover only option yet – it might make me feel more clothed than nude even if I am totally unclothed apart from that. So would be interesting to discover that.


    I generally remove glasses and rings when going to full nude (wear contact lenses if I need to replace the glasses to actually do anything) as wearing even a ring makes me think I’m not fully nude. So I suspect mask will be similar.

    When ive been body painted, that feels like clothing as well. I did offer to be a model for someone who wanted to photograph a body painted male in Piccadilly Curcus – but didn’t get the gig. But the pictures of the guy who did did look good.

    With mobile phones of course you do have the option to set a timer for a 3 or 10 second delay. That tends to work for me if the plain selfie option (arm held) isn’t enough. I guess a selfie stick would also be an option.

    But also I have no issue with someone else taking the photos! Just need planning to meet up for that reason!!