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      Any tips for taking good photos of naked experiments? Is anyone brave enough to upload a photo that didn’t quite seem to work so that others can suggest improvements? For people working solo, or couples wanting to be in the same shot, how can we get beyond just using a shutter delay and hoping for the best? Any good creative ideas for hiding faces?

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      Hiding faces is always a tricky one. You want to do it without ruining the photo whilst also making absolutely sure that your identity is kept secret. You also need to consider identifiable skin markings and tattoos and the background of your photos (you don’t want to catch a family photo hanging on the wall).

      There are two main ways to approach hiding your face, either obscuring it in an graphics package afterwards and, the old-school approach, wearing a mask or improvised face covering. Wearing a mask, especially for outdoor nudity, protects you from neighbours and passersby catching you naked, photographing you naked and posting it online. Another advantage with the mask option is that it works in videos too. However, it could also make you look like some kind of weirdo and potentially threatening (raising the possibility of someone making a complaint). I’ve also heard people say that wearing a mask lessons the feeling of being naked and exposed.

      If you opt for modifying the photos after the event, I recommend blacking out the eyes and nose at minimum. Don’t be tempted to use distortion or colour effect – they can be undone by a skilled operator.

      Another simple technique is to simply keep your face/head out of the photos. This is easier to do if someone is taking photos for you. It would be great to hear if any of you have tried out any of the above techniques.

      I guess the easier approach is to simply let everyone see your face but I know many people won’t go for that.

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      I haven’t tried the mask / head cover only option yet – it might make me feel more clothed than nude even if I am totally unclothed apart from that. So would be interesting to discover that.


      I generally remove glasses and rings when going to full nude (wear contact lenses if I need to replace the glasses to actually do anything) as wearing even a ring makes me think I’m not fully nude. So I suspect mask will be similar.

      When ive been body painted, that feels like clothing as well. I did offer to be a model for someone who wanted to photograph a body painted male in Piccadilly Curcus – but didn’t get the gig. But the pictures of the guy who did did look good.

      With mobile phones of course you do have the option to set a timer for a 3 or 10 second delay. That tends to work for me if the plain selfie option (arm held) isn’t enough. I guess a selfie stick would also be an option.

      But also I have no issue with someone else taking the photos! Just need planning to meet up for that reason!!

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      I was a member of a site called strip poker party – members were encouraged to upload their own photos for the games.  I did so and simply used a pair of sunglasses and a baseball cap to disguise my identity!

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      I just have fun posing for my husband’s camera.  I think my face is in all of his pix of me.  Mostly I’m laughing too.  Why not?  It’s just me and my husband having some fun.  We both know the photography is not professional quality.  But I don’t mind being seen.  I wouldn’t be doing it if I was shy about my body.

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