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    Naked in changing rooms has never bothered me, can’t recall any or many mixed ones though. I think I seem to remember a valid reason to be naked and visible to women in the shower area at center Parcs, can’t remember the  circumstances tbough, may have been a mens area that was visible to the outside.

    Not sure how I’d react to being the only one naked amongst men, as I am hetero and there is undeniably a sexual element to games like this.

    I’m dom (that autospell Ed to dim :)) in real life, so would love a situation where a woman had to get naked, but although I would be nervous, I’m sure I’d enjoy being the only one naked in a female or mixed group.

    Situations where you are expected to be naked hold no fears. I’ve never been to a nude beach, until I started exploring this site and others the other month, I didn’t even know there were any near me. I’ll be putting that right as long as we actually have a summer! Unfortunately I probably won’t be able to take my dog, as her welcome is jumping up at people, not ideal if you have no clothes on 🙂

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