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    I might sometimes know what would be lame for me but I’d never know what would be lame for you. There are lots of things that make a situation more or less challenging, for example (in no particular order),

    1. What (if anything) are you wearing?
    2. How is your body arranged? (Spreadeagled is different from sitting with one leg over the other.)
    3. Who might see you?
    4. Who can see you?
    5. What is your relationship with the people who can or might see you?
    6. Have you been in this situation before?
    7. What is going on around you? (A late-night “dare” in a club where lots of people are doing dares, would be different from walking down the street in the daytime or walking along a deserted country path.)

    And lots of other differences. So I wouldn’t know how to call something daring or lame for someone else to do. What do you want to achieve? If it’s to be naked in an unusual situation, what’s unusual for you? Sleeping naked? Walking naked around the house? Spending an hour naked? Looking out of a window naked? If you’re ok with being naked (and I guess that maybe you’re not) then what would be a step forward for you? Going outside? Standing in a window?  Spending 24 hours naked? Being photographed in revealing poses?

    Maybe spending one minute (time it) standing naked in front of a full length mirror would be a challenge. Before lockdown you could have done that in a clothes-shop changing room if you don’t have a full-length mirror or if you wanted to increase the challenge by doing it with just a curtain to keep you invisible. Maybe the main challenge is to be naked in an unusual (for you) situation when something outside your control triggers it?

    So, remembering that nothing is lame, what would be a challenge to you? What new thing do you want to do if the trigger condition is met?

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