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    Googling nudity in shakespeare is interesting. We seem quite uptight these days about using nudity in mainstream media as part of the storytelling.

    I remember from school that some Shakespeare speeches (and entire characters) are in verse and some in prose, so if it’s relevant and helpful to understanding the story, using nakedness to emphasise the contrast sounds good. The visual effect works well in this film. I wonder if it could be done using lighting on stage. Maybe there are veils that are quite opaque in some light and quite transparent in other light. The difference in lighting would have to be subtle enough not to become a distraction in itself.

    I saw a production of Salome which was being filmed. When the lead actress had finished her dance of the seven veils, the lighting faded from in front of her, so the audience could see her naked body, to behind her so it was still obvious she was naked but modesty preserved. In the film, they edited out the front lit moment and, as an amateur observer, I couldn’t spot the join.

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