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    @Prof Green

    “Yes, creepiness is interesting. I think it relates closely to giving consent, and the reason the game is happening. A group of old men stripping a young woman does sound creepy, and I’d want to spend time establishing ground-rules. That sounds formal and boring but it means we all understand what we’re doing, why and how. The only real example I can think of is when a young woman – a friend of a friend – knew that we played (mixed) stripgames and wanted to join in to get revenge on her boyfriend for something he’d done or not done. In the end, she forgave him and changed her mind about the game. If the game had gone ahead, did we have a good enough excuse to strip her? How would she have felt if the timeline had worked out differently and she ended up joining in before regretting it and forgiving him? Speaking as a creepy old pervert, I would have loved to see her naked but speaking as a responsible adult(!?!?!?!?!) it wouldn’t have been a good idea.”

    It’s a tricky situation. On the one hand yes if she agreed to play the game then however you look at it she was consenting to be undressed potentially. But on the other hand if she ended up getting stripped instead of her boyfriend it seems like she was being wrong because she was joining entirely for revenge. On the other hand how justified what it be to do something like that to the boyfriend in revenge? So the fact that she was seeking revenge and consented to this she put herself in a situation where she would potentially be embarrassed. But again if both of them consented to the game the way I see it whatever happens in the game they have nobody to blame but themselves when it really comes down to it. Maybe it would seem more unfair for her to be stripped naked compared to the boyfriend but as long as both of them consented to play the game they were both taking their chances, both trying to get one over on each other in their own personal game of revenge. Perhaps the most fitting thing is that both of them ended up naked!

    “Taking completely the same situation but as a fictional video, I don’t have a problem with it at all. The young actress is doing a job and the relationship is contractual, not personal. I’m being inconsistent here though. If the character is being stripped so that the actress playing her can pay off her debts, is that really the best way for her to do that? But that’s a different topic.”

    As a person committed to social and economic justice I can see where you might be coming from on this. On the one hand yes she consented to being filmed naked, but if she was forced into that situation because of economic necessity did she really have much choice in the matter and is she being economically exploited by wealthy people who can have the luxury of paying a woman to get naked for them and she has to do it simply because of desperation. Again on the one hand nobody is forcing her to strip naked but on the other hand a lack of options and circumstances because of the social economic and political forces against her she is stuck into that situation. Again most people probably wouldn’t analyze it so deeply like that but I can definitely see what you mean by that.
    And sometimes my commitment to equality and fairness makes me feel like the more privileged the person is that it’s happening to the more fair it is somehow. Like to raise an interesting question or sort of a tricky situation I think of it almost like this, and I think I actually addressed this one of my own naked stories once. I actually did write this fictional story about a man and his girlfriend were both basically like a traveling magician act and they needed money, so one of the things that really brought the money in was the fact that at some point his female assistant would end up having to get naked by having him do a trick where her clothing disappeared, and she sort of resented the fact that she was always the one getting naked while he was at the one on stage stripping her and he was just having a grand old time with it and was saying that it was fair because people wanted to pay to see her naked.
    Of course then the tables of course end up being totally turned where there is more demand for him to be naked and they get a job where they are working at a strip club now for women, where she is the one stripping him and he suddenly finds it unfair because now the situation is unfair to him but he had no problem with it when it was unfair to her. So that is a case of somebody who was in the privileged position of being able to get a woman naked for them because they were both in and acute state of economic need, but then when the tables turned and he had to be the one bearing the burden of getting naked so that they could pay their bills it somehow felt more fitting, more like poetic justice.

    In all of my stories I always put myself in the mind of the characters and I think that if I were in a situation like that yes I would find it more unfair and intimidating if I had to be stripped naked but if that was what was going to bring in the money for both of us out of necessity I would guess I would just have to suck it up while she has fun with it. I would feel less guilty in that situation but way way more embarrassed! So it’s a trade off either way!

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